Accelerate your career

And achieve your dreams

You can probably remember a few times in your working life when you wondered why you weren’t told from the start.

  • Maybe it was when you heard that it was OK to ask for a raise, and to insist;
  • Or when someone told you it isn’t normal to be systematically interrupted by your colleagues;
  • Or learning that saying NO can actually make people like you more...

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?” Or “Why didn’t anyone tell me this from the start?” is a frustration expressed by most women. Often because you realize you’ve given up an ambitions for all the wrong reasons. We all have that dream in the back of our mind. That ambition of a dream job or project. However life and work often make it very hard to persevere.

I believe that learning as early as possible to understand how our work culture and how to behave in certain situations really works; that it can help you maintain and achieve your ambitions.

You can actually thrive in today’s business world, and be authentic and feminine. It can be challenging, but with the right tools you can do it.

Whether you are still a student or you have already started your career, I can help you accelerate your career and achieve your professional ambitions.


Donatienne Brasseur

" Why wasn't I told from the start ?! "