"I'll be graduating soon"

You're probably looking for that exciting first job as you read this.


Maybe you took that Ambitions Career Boosting Program at University this year and were able to get to know yourself and your strong points better, to learn about the business culture and to develop some of those winning behaviors.


Career Coaching at Ambitions is also for the very first steps into your career. It means getting support in the process of looking for a job, of those first meetings and of negotiating your contract. We have your back, make sure you stand strong, ask for what you need and start off in pole position.


Let's have a chat and see if we could help you too.

"We provide Higher Education"

As an institute of Higher Education, you are evaluated also on your students' professional success.


Ambitions Career Boosting Program was run first at HEC-ULg (Belgium) in 2014-15. It is a full-fledged course specifically designed to help your ambitious female students get a better job and negotiate a better starting income. The program also works on understanding and training those behaviors that will help them achieve their professional goals.


The program can be set in any faculty and is a great match with STEM.