Role models,

essential shapers of our Ambitions

For the Participants

At Ambitions, one of our core beliefs is that role models play an essential role in helping us build the confidence we need to go for our ambitions.

Having the opportunity to talk directly to someone who has gone through what we face and who achieved what we are just dreaming of is incredibly empowering.

That's why we aim for 1 role model per session. (3 sessions in regular program, 4 in university program)


For the Role Models

For a role model, the feedback we get is about how energizing it was to be in touch with the energy of these younger women. It is also about finding out first hand what this new generation of women are about.


Role models typically will join a session for the last 2-3 hours of the day (or half-day for university courses). They will present themselves and meet the group, walk around during some of the ongoing exercises and answer questions participants may have.


Being a role model is just about being there with you attention and constructive energy. We'll do a little briefing beforehand so you can be comfortable, but let the trainer worry about all the rest.


Contact us if you would like to be a role model

Donatienne Brasseur

Tel: +32 475 982744